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So you want to get want to get back to nature, taking control of your own body, health, and destiny, right? In doing so you’ve probably heard of a company called Mountain Rose Herbs and are wondering, “just what’s so special about them?” Well I did the very same, myself. In this article, I’ll share my findings on Mountain Rose Herbs.. good, bad, indifferent. Hopefully you’ll learn enough to determine whether this product brand will help you along your healthy way… or not.


Problems People Face When Looking for Herbal Products

The problem with buying herbal products is that there are just too many to choose from, online or offline. It’s also difficult to know for sure what they’re made of. Every brand claims to be the best, including Mountain Rose Herbs. Some brands are sold for dirt cheap.. or the other extreme—you feel like you need to take out a small loan to afford them. And just what about the quality? How can you know? Unfortunately, with herbals, you get what you pay for. A cheaper product doesn’t mean a better deal. Cost cutting may mean cheating your body by using mediocre, poor or even harmful herbal products.

What About Mountain Rose Herbs?

Mountain Rose HerbsFirst, let’s talk about quality. I found out that Mountain Rose Herbs is Certified Organic, which is one ✔+ in the quality category. After all, when microorganisms get destroyed with chemicals, the soil turns to dust which isn’t the best makings for nutrient-rich plants. Apparently they are fanatical about good quality from their family network farms, all the way through to processing and packaging, including the people who handle the plants from start to finish. They seem pretty serious about their commitment, supporting organic agriculture since 1987. Healthy soil + healthy watersheds = healthy people.
Mountain Rose Herbs pledges to never sell or stock products that are more than a few months from harvest (except for seasonal items). That’s a pretty heavy-duty freshness guarantee. That kind of standard certainly doesn’t come cheap. But it does come in BULK, which helps. Oh, and if that’s not enough.. they’re award-winning, too.

Next, product line. Just let me say this: Wowza. ✔++. So I’ll admit it, I was surprisingly impressed. Mountain Rose Herbs has everything you could ever possibly want in organic botanicals, herbs, and spices.. and more. You’ll find green teas, herbal products (capsules, extracts, oils, syrups, etc., etc..), a complete line of therapeutic essential oils,—hold on while I catch my breath—epicurean organics for the resident chef, bath/body care products, and products for the home and garden (and gifts!). And if that weren’t enough, they also offer containers and packaging. Seriously, it’s an all-natural-one-stop shop.. and did I mention that you can buy in BULK?


 Too Good to Be True?

I know.. right? That’s exactly what I was thinking, so I did a bit of nosing. After encountering your typical complaints regarding shipping glitches or whatever, I was able to confirm that lots of people think Mountain Rose Herbs is really, really great. Maybe that’s why they’re so successful.. they do good business.

“I have been buying stuff from MRH for about five years now and they are an amazing company. Good ethics, great values and they treat their customers great! Prices are very reasonable and often I’m shocked at the amount I get for my money!” — LunaLady,

“I have bought herbs from Mountain Rose herbs… I have been very happy with the quality I have received. I grow 300 or so herbs, so only order those that I can’t grow here in zone 5. The dried herbs I have received have been very fragrant and vibrant.” — herbalbetty,

“I have tried the Mountain Rose products and love them. They make great gifts for special people you want to do something extra nice for. My niece uses their supplies to make her own products, and I buy her things in trade for making gifts for me.” — MarBell,

 So After All of That.. What’s the Best Way to Buy?

One word: in BULK. from the official company. (Okay, so that was six words!) I mean seriously, after checking Mountain Rose Herbs out and learning of their stellar reputation, how could I recommend anything else? And BULK will save you some serious money. Why not go to their site now and see for yourself what all the buzz is all about..

To Check Out Mountain Rose Herbs for Yourself..


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